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“Your ability to move me into a place of vulnerability and healing is a gift.”

Sessions are available in person, or via web conference or phone.

Invest in Lasting Transformation!

"My purpose in life is to support individual spiritual transformation so we can all be about making the world a better place. While it's true that love is the only healer and you are your only teacher, we all sometimes need support to draw love and wisdom forth as we walk the conscious spiritual path.

If you are ready to be transformed, if you are ready to:

  • shift patterns of suffering, lack, and limitation

  • release regrets, fears, unworthi-ness, shame and guilt, depression and worry

  • embrace all of life in the present moment

  • fill your heart with love and faith

I'm ready to support you with em-powering, loving spiritual counseling and coaching."



Guided by years of personal development and professional training, Marla is a gifted counselor and coach. In private practice since 2001, she provides nurturing support for your conscious growth.


If you are ready to experience powerful transformation in some area of your life, contact Rev. Marla today.
Rates slide from $45 to $150 per session.

Sessions are available in person, on the phone, or online.

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