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Prayer Requests

“I am so grateful for the gift
of your prayers as I moved

through my process.”


Marla will add your prayer request to her altar.

"Our time should be devoted to
knowing the Truth that sets humanity free from the problem of ignorance;
that Truth which alone can bring enlightenment to the world, that war should cease, that people should live together in harmony because they have recognized the Divinity within each other."

—Ernest Holmes

Prayer aligns us with God’s intention for Good in our lives. Affirmative prayer, also called spiritual mind treatment, is a specific prayer method that consciously redirects our beliefs and thinking in order to produce a desired result.

An Affirmative Prayer for Making Wise Decisions


There is only one Life, that Life is God's Life and that Life is infinite Wisdom, Divine Intelligence. This Infinite Wisdom is of the very essence of God, permeating and penetrating all things, the far reaches of space, all that I touch see and feel and that which is invisible to me. Mind is ever present, ever expressing, ever expanding.


As it is true of Infinite Mind, it is true of my mind now, for God is all there is and God is having its way in my heart and my mind now. I fully unify with this presence of God as Wisdom and and allow that Mind to be in me.


In this consciousness of unity with the Infinite Wisdom of God, I declare that Wisdom is made available to me now. I know there is no question about my making the most perfect and right decisions about my life, for all that is known to the Mind of God is known to me now as I surrender my belief in human limitation and allow the Spirit to have full sway in my life. I move forward confidently knowing that I cannot make any mistake, for I live and move and have my being in the very Wisdom of God.


And so I give thanks for the divine expression of God as Wisdom in me. I give thanks for the ease and grace with which my life unfolds during this time of transition as I choose more and more wisely with every breath. I am so grateful for my expanding awareness of who and what I am.


Knowing that as it is spoken, it is done, I release this word to the Law that makes all things so, surrendering my human ideas and letting God do the work.


And so it is. Amen.

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